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Why Choose Mortgage Brokers?

Get to know your options

Brokers vs Bankers

Depending on the type of loan and needs, you may want to weigh your options on whether getting assistance from a broker vs bank is the right fit for you.

True Independent Brokers

  • Mortgage financing is our specialty. We are 100% independent. This means we are adaptable and flexible. We fight for you.
  • We shop wholesale lenders to provide you with the best options
  • We have connections with wholesale lenders who compete for your business.
  • We have access to many loan programs, including VA, FHAUSDA, and Reverse Mortgages. We work with a variety of lenders who want to close loans for people who may fall outside traditional bank guidelines.
  • We use local appraisers and underwriters, which means accelerated loan processing and fast closings.
  • We are each federally licensed and regulated.
  • We are local to your community. We live here, we value local relationships with realtors, and we specialize in finding the best solutions for you.
  • Contact us today and let’s get started.

Mortgage Branches/Retail Banks

  • Banks specialize in more than just mortgage lending. They provide a variety of banking services, such as checking and savings accounts, and other financial services.
  • With a bank, you get retail interest rates.
  • Corporate branch offices have high overhead and lots of middle management.
  • Banks can only access and offer you their own rates and products.
  • Banks have conservative lending guidelines. Borrowers are denied for loans outside of their limited loan types.
  • A bank doesn’t have to disclose its full commission.
  • Underwriting and appraising is managed through national channels, which often means lengthy processing time.
  • Mortgage originators working for depository banks are excluded from licensing. Unlike mortgage brokers, they only have to be registered and are not required to pass a national mortgage exam or complete continuing education.

From Dream to Deal, We Got You.

Obtaining a new mortgage loan is one of the biggest financial decisions and debts most consumers face. Eugene Mortgage Brokers understands this and utilizes our experience to position our clients for the most best outcome on terms and execution. Here is what you can expect.

Exclusive Client Representation

From loan application to closing, EMB provides complete and comprehensive representation allowing for competitive, optimal rates in Eugene, Oregon.

Experienced, Local, Licensed

Our mortgage professionals are local, licensed, and available at all times for questions while working directly with their clients. No “passing off” to processing staff.

Secure, Paperless Processing

We provide fast and organized mortgage transactions. We offer secure automation and paperless processing to make document delivery and closing fast and easy.

Loan Programs

We offer a variety of loan programs to meet all needs. We don’t charge our clients broker origination fees on any loan programs and provide all figures and rates up-front.