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Shad Stedman Carson


Shad Stedman Carson is a licensed loan originator. He has been with Eugene Mortgage Brokers since 2023.


About Shad

Having navigated the ever-changing landscape of residential mortgage lending for over 22 years, Shad Carson stands out as a trusted professional who lives the motto “don’t be sold, be advised”.   Even though others in the industry call the position a “sales career” – he doesn’t believe sales tactics have any business being a part of one of the most important decisions his clients will ever make.

Known for his ability to demystify industry terms and financial jargon, Shad has assisted countless clients in understanding the nuances of mortgage options, interest rates, and repayment strategies. He firmly believes that an informed client is an empowered client and welcomes people to compare his products with the competition. 

Throughout his career, Shad has exhibited an unparalleled knack for tailoring mortgage solutions that align with each client’s unique financial situation and long-term goals. Whether working with first-time homebuyers navigating uncharted waters or seasoned investors strategizing for maximum returns, he has consistently delivered innovative approaches that underscore his proficiency and commitment to client success.

When not working with his clients or keeping up with interest rate trends and changes to the real estate market, mortgage industry rate trends and product offerings, Shad is heavily involved with cat rescue and volunteers with several local cat rescues. He also spends as much time with his adopted cats and foster kitties as possible.

Shad’s Favorite Loan Programs:

VA loans, USDA loans and first time home buyers.