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Down Payment Assistance Programs for Purchasing Homes


Welcome to your Local Mortgage Report. My name is Lauren Hatmaker.

Do you dream of buying a home and aren’t sure how you’ll ever save the down payment?

Saving can be a challenge when rent prices are so high.

Do you wonder if you qualify for a down payment assistance program?

When I bought my first house, I did qualify for an “IDA” or an Individual Development Account. It’s a program offered by a local housing agency called DevNW (dev northwest).

For every dollar I saved, it was matched 3 to 1 – and now the current program is offering a 5 to 1 match!

There is an income cap. Its $72,000 for a family of four in Lane County.

If this sounds like you, and you want to start building assets for your family, call us today.

We make it easy!

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