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Buying a home or refinancing?

Schedule a Free Consultation with Eugene Mortgage Brokers.

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Welcome to Eugene Mortgage Brokers

Eugene Mortgage Brokers (EMB) is a locally owned 100% independent brokerage in Eugene, serving Oregon consumers exclusively. EMB is proud to offer competitive interest rates from the best wholesale lenders in the country. Competition, combined with our elite experience and execution, results in a personalized experience for you and your family.

We shop for the most favorable rates and terms. Our internal pricing engine compares the top wholesale lenders in the country in real time. This allows our independence and experience to secure options with the most favorable interest rates, terms, and loan process for your consideration.

More lenders = more options. Let us shop for you.

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The Right Mortgage Broker To Help You Find Your Dream Home In Eugene, Oregon

Look no further than Eugen Mortgage Brokers (EMB) for a personalized mortgage experience. As the only independent brokerage in Eugene, Oregon, we are proud to leverage our expertise and competitive interest rates from top-notch wholesale lenders across the country. With EMB, you can rest assured that your family will get an unmatched level of service.

At Eugene Mortgage Brokers, we shop around for the most beneficial terms and rates. Our innovative pricing engine evaluates a selection of premium wholesale lenders in real-time to provide you with optimal interest rates, loan options, and procedures. Outstanding selection leads to extraordinary results, allowing us access to endless opportunities to pass the rewards on to you.

Finding the Right Mortgage Broker

At Eugene Mortgage Brokers, we proudly offer a wide range of professional, certified mortgage broker services. Our experienced team can help whether you are looking for an investment property mortgage broker, a VA loan mortgage broker, a USDA loan mortgage broker, a military mortgage specialist, a reverse mortgage adviser, or an FHA loan mortgage adviser. You can rest assured that you are getting the best advice possible.

Your search is over for a reliable mortgage advisor or mortgage lender. With Eugene Mortgage Brokers, you get everything you need. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the best deal possible on your loan. Stop searching “mortgage broker near me” and contact us now to speak with a friendly mortgage specialist today.

Purchasing Your First Home

There are so many steps to consider when buying your first home. At Eugene Mortgage Brokers, we do our homework so you’re set up for success and closer to moving into your first home. 

A first time buyer mortgage is a loan specifically tailored to meet the needs of those looking to purchase their first home. It typically offers lower interest rates and may come with additional benefits.

Mortgage brokers have access to many different lenders and products, so they can provide advice on the best option for you based on your circumstances. Additionally, a mortgage broker will often be able to get better deals and navigate paperwork more quickly than if you were going through the process alone.


Additional Services

Our services will help you reach your financial goals


Have you thought about investing in a property or vacation home? With multiple loan programs, we are confident we can find just the right one to meet your needs. As always, we guide you through the process each step of the way.

Special Loan Programs

Many loan programs have specific requirements and restrictions. We'll guide you through choosing the best fit for your needs.

Understanding Credit

We want to help you understand how your credit affects you buying or refinancing a home.


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